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Each photo shoot concept can be offered through a voucher. I also do 'made-to-measure' voucher.

Use the application form to order a voucher to order your voucher.

, Exemple bon cadeau  Photographe Geneve. Studio POURLESYEUX, shooting, portrait, mariage, corporate, architecture


Please show de french page to see the differts offers.


"Made-to-measure" voucher

You didn't find what you where looking for? Just let me know your idea and I'll just make you a made-to-measure offer:
[ Send me your budget ]

To order a voucher

Did you find someting interesting? You can either come to the studio to pay it and I'll give it to you privately, or to send me your monney on my bank account and I'll send you the voucher by post.

Click on "order" next to each offer to find the corresponding application form to book your voucher and to send me the necessary information.

Why a voucher?

Well, for example, for a birthday, or as a Christmas present, a wedding, a bachelor party, for a man as much as a woman :-) Of course, also for the Saint-Valentin' day, and sometimes with special offers.

Also to help a person to trust in herself/himself, to find a new talent!

A formule 32 for example is nice for a couple or a future married couple. Offered before the wedding, it could give them the possibility of having some nice pictures for their wedding announcement.

voucher's validity and using

Vouchers' validity is of about 6 months.

Vouchers are of names. They are not refundable but they can be passed to another person.

A person who received a voucher has to CALL me to fix a meeting for the photo-shoot. During the call, I can talk with this person about what she wants to do and I can also give her a few advice about her desire.

The photographer's task often requires a certain time to be well-prepared or well-done (especially for weddings), thus it is sometimes possible that the requested date by the customers to use their voucher is not available. If I couldn't honour a voucher during the 6th first months, I'll extend the voucher's validity or I'll give you a refund.
If you contact me at the end of the 6 months, I'll suggest you reasonable dates, but if none of these dates were fine for you, it's your responsibility to offer or sell the voucher to someone else to avoid loosing it.

Be sure that I'll do my best to satisfy your requests, to organise the best photo shoot ever, and to take into account each request of my different customers.

, banniere pour bons cadeau studio photo  Photographe Geneve. Studio POURLESYEUX, shooting, portrait, mariage, corporate, architecture


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