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My name is Gil Butty, I am a photographer located in Geneva, Switzerland.

The practice of photography has helped me to understand how much I enjoy discovering human beings and the aspects of their personality. I really like to offer the chance for people to discover themselves on pictures. After years creating my own vision of the world and more precisely of people around me, I decided to share it with others with photography.

Architecture, security, computing, are many areas that I have worked for and that have given me the taste of things well done, safe and sure. At the same time, I have practiced photography for pleasure, developing my creativity, improving myself, hoping to obtain a satisfying quality. I have also worked with Internet, one of my hobbies, developping websites trying to make them useful and userfriendly but also to build them with simplicity and esthetics.

Attached to this way of working, I can ensure that the quality of my pictures is up to my requirements, which are very high. Every series of photographies is not only a challenge but an opportunity to improve myself. For each series of pictures I try to apply something different to avoid the copy/paste effect, so that everybody gets something unique.

I attach great importance to human relationships. It is very important for me to create an atmosphere of trust during a photo shooting, allowing models to express themselves, to let them go and allow me to capture "special" moments. So every flash gets something awesome and unique.

Also, although the fact that most of the models on this website have never posed before, and maybe also thanks to that, the result is often very lively and very faithfull to the models. For the most part of them, they really recognize themselves and there family too. When there is trust and friendship between two people working together it gives a masterpiece of work, full of beauty and authenticity.

In the gallery of the studio you will find very beautiful pictures of the models that often work with me, but you can find some photographs of persons with who I have worked only two hours too. So why it couldn't be you ?

At the end, doing what I love the most makes me happy and ensures me that I obtain the best wich is an happy and satisfied customer.

And here you car see a little historical.

  Gil Butty  Photographe Geneve. Studio POURLESYEUX, shooting, portrait, mariage, corporate, architecture

Jenny Suv  Photographe Geneve. Studio POURLESYEUX, shooting, portrait, mariage, corporate, architecture   Jenny Suv

Je l'ai connue comme photo modèle. Nous avons réalisé ensemble bien des séances qui restent encore aujourd'hui dans mes préférées, car elle m'a apporté, en plus de sa grâce et de sa beauté, une joie et des idées complémentaires aux miennes.

Aussi, le besoin d'une maquilleuse s'étant rapidement fait sentir je me suis tourné vers elle afin de voir si elle avait envie de m'apporter son aide, ses goûts, et elle à rejoint mon aventure.

D'abord occasionnellement, comme maquilleuse, prodiguant aussi ses conseils à des personnes n'ayant jamais posé, les aidant ainsi à prendre confiance, à avoir de plus belles photos. Conseils en maquillage, en pose, en choix de tenues. Elle n'agit pas comme relookeuse, mais simplement en faisant parler son sens de l'esthétique, en ayant (tout comme moi) envie de mettre en valeur la personne par rapport à ses propres goûts et pas en imposant les siens.

Les années passant, son goût pour l'image se renforçant, elle a commencé par passer derrière l'ordinateur pour traiter et faire de la retouche de photo, puis à se mettre gentiment derrière l'appareil aussi.


Nous nous consacrons à votre image, vous mettre en valeur, vous, vos enfants, votre famille, vos amis, votre entreprise, que ce soit en studio, dans d'autres locaux ou à l'extérieur.

N'hésitez pas à faire appel à nous, voici une liste (non exhaustive) de ce que nous proposons:

- cv / passeport
- portrait
- couple
- famille
- femmes enceinte
- enfants
- mariages
- anniversaires
- evjf (enterrement de vie de jeune fille)
- baptêmes
- animaux
- glamour
- nu artistique

Cours / aide / services
- cours photo (débutant / avancé)
- cours de retouche
- cours de maquillage
- aide sur l'image (maquillage/pose/habillement)
- reprise de confiance en soi (suite à perte de poids par exemple)
- retouche de photo (pour photographes et particuliers)
- scannage et restauration d'images






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